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Food is something we need to thrive and not just for nourishment.

When people come together for celebration or for comfort food plays a big part. That’s why we want you to join us in keeping food where it belongs – in our mouths, bellies and memories. And out of the places where food waste can make problems for us, both today and further down the track.

When food goes to landfill, it’s a wasted opportunity to advance sustainability for the hospitality industry and improve financial outcomes for operators.

To tackle this pressing issue and provide the data insights to drive awareness and action across our industry we have launched Kai Keepers, a groundbreaking initiative aiming to change food waste monitoring and outcomes for cafes and restaurants. The Kai Keepers pilot is initially running throughout the Auckland and Bay of Plenty regions, with a nationwide programme planned once the findings from the pilot are completed.

Calling food businesses in Auckland & Bay of Plenty

Are you looking at ways to reduce your food cost? Want to know how to reduce waste, reduce your costs, and prioritize sustainability?

Whether you’re looking to dive deep into the sources of your waste or take steps towards a greener, more cost-effective operation, this is your chance! Through the Kai Keepers pilot we’ll help hospitality businesses to address and make changes to reduce their food waste, advancing their sustainability commitments and introducing cost benefits to the business. 

Kai Keepers FaQ’s

Welcome to the hub of knowledge for our Kai Keepers pilot programme! Uncover all the answers to your frequently asked questions.

Whether you’re seeking insights on what is involved if you’re involved in the pilot, the different phases of the pilot, or troubleshooting common challenges, you’ll find the guidance you need.

We understand the importance of reducing food waste, and our aim is to support you every step of the way as we work together towards a more sustainable future.

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    Kai Keepers isn't just a programme; it's a commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and progress in our hospitality industry. Through Kai Keepers, we're not only measuring food waste; we're measuring our impact on the future.


    - Marisa Bidois, CEO Restaurant Association of NZ.

    With Kai Keepers we are setting a new standard in environmental responsibility, moving towards a future where sustainability is integral to every aspect of industry practice.


    - Jonas Bengtsson, CEO Edge Impact.

    Being a Kai Keeper is a game-changer for us. We're all in; it's about doing what's right for our planet and our bottom line.


    - Kai Keeper, Cafe owner, Auckland

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